Specialised Treatment

At Right Time we are able to offer Specialised Treatment for drug and alcohol misuse, gambling and other addiction-related relative difficulties.

This is provided by Carl Harrison (Lead Counsellor) who has 16 years experience working with addiction across the South East before working in Suffolk. During this time he was instrumental in setting up counselling services across the whole of Suffolk to help to clients in recovering from addictions.

Carl is able to provide a comprehensive assessment at Right Time. During the assessment he able to advise whether a local treatment centre is needed to aid the clients recovery or not.

We are aware at Right Time that not one therapy fits all and that theres a need for a combination of therapies to treat addiction. Therefore our counsellors are trained integratively and are able to use person centred, psycho dynamic, CBT and solution focused approaches. These approaches combined have been proven to be successful in the treatment of Addiction.

Carl is currently working within the community in Suffolk for the local authorities, police, probation, social services, and local treatment centres.