From January through to the following year I employed a counsellor from Right Time to help me deal with the inner conflict. Knowing that’s you are about to open up each week is always something which causes the heart rate to increase slightly through nerves. Having reliability is vital and the counsellor never let me down in that respect. The counsellor arrived like clockwork for each and every session and would professionally finish each session in a way which didn’t curtail important points discussed. Naturally there were times when the discussion didn’t go as well but you cannot account for external factors (my private life). The success of each session never changed the manner which the following session was conducted. I am grateful to the counsellor for what the counselling gave me and would whole heartedly recommend Right Time to others in my situation who would benefit from the kindness, experience and counselling skills.


The counselling I had with Right Time was conducted in a professional way. The counsellor had a good memory so I always felt listened to. The counsellor always gave me small but realistic aims for the coming week. I found the sessions helpful and the low mood slowly decreased. Thanks.


After being unsure whether counselling was going to benefit me, it turned out to be the best decision I ever made. The counsellor was easy to talk to, I felt totally relaxed. He was thorough, patient and funny which made me feel he was like a friend and I could say anything to him. After seeing the counsellor for a number of weeks, my anxieties had lifted, I felt calmer, and all issues I had before were now gone. He was brilliant, I could never thank him enough.


When I first entered counselling in February I was in a state of mind that I had never experienced before in my life, due to a break up in my relationship with my partner. I felt that my world was coming to an end. Over a period of weeks the counselling from Right Time brought me back into the real world and I realised that for a relationship to work it was important that you have to trust your partner and that not all people are tarred with the same badge as my previous partners. I would like the opportunity to thank the counsellor sincerely for helping me get my relationship back on course.